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Our Service

Audit & Assurance

We conduct audit engagements to examine our clients’ financial statements and to evaluate the fairness of presentation of the statements in accordance with acceptable reporting frameworks including International Financial reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). We conduct a review of systems of internal controls and tests of transactions to the extent we believe necessary to provide and independent audit opinion in conformity with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) or International Standards of Supreme Audit Institution (ISSAI) for Government entities.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Our firm aims to be a regional service provider of secretarial compliance services. We can assist you in ensuring that you and your company are compliant with the provisions of the Companies Act to avoid possible enforcement action for non-compliance.

BRELA Correspondences

We interact with the Business Registrations and Licensing Authority (BRELA) on your behalf for all its main functions.

Company Registrations

We register companies on your behalf, including the completion, lodging and follow ups of all forms, compilation and submission of MEMATs, preparation of Share Certificates for the first allotment, an electronic company register and a permanent file for your company that is kept at our offices.

Annual Returns and Annual Duties

We do this directly online and provide this service on a once-off or yearly basis.


We are able to apply for deregistration on behalf of clients as well as deregister all statutory registrations that may be required of the company/close corporation


We provide, request and submit all the necessary information and documentation on your behalf to reinstate your company or close corporation. We have been very successful in all our applications for reinstatements.

Our current and potential clients include large and small & medium-sized entities in the private and public sector. They include Hospitality, Health, Education institutions, construction companies, financial institutions; Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs); companies in the mining industry; Government Agencies and Boards

We also offer specialized audit services in procurement, investigations and forensic audits. The particular services falling under Audit Services in Tanzania include –

  • Financial statements audits
  • Internal audit services
  • Project/donor funded audits
  • Transfer Pricing Audits.
  • Government audits
  • Projects development, Monitoring and Impact Assessment
  • Procurement and Value for money audit
  • Forensic audit services; and Audit review